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At Focus Electrical Contractors, we're beyond thrilled to light up your world with our exceptional electrical installation and services! Whether you're in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding areas, we've got you covered for both commercial and residential needs. Our passion is powering your spaces, and we're here to bring that electric spark into your life.

Dive into the future with our specialized services, including cutting-edge retrofitting, brilliant lighting solutions, precise panel installations or upgrades, and seamless ballast and lamps replacements. Plus, we're wizards at New or Remodel Commercial and Residential Wiring. Imagine the possibilities with our expertise illuminating your space!

Our fleet of fully stocked service trucks is always on the move, bringing you fast, efficient, and top-quality electrical solutions right to your doorstep. Behind the wheel and the tools are our licensed and experienced electricians, ready to tackle any challenge with a smile. Their dedication and skill ensure that your electrical needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Don't wait any longer to electrify your life! Contact Focus Electrical Contractors today and experience the unparalleled service that has our customers buzzing with excitement. We're more than just contractors; we're your partners in powering dreams. Let's create something amazing together!

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Professional Electrical Services Near You

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Proximity &

Searching for "Electrical Construction services near me" in your town?

Congratulations, you've hit the jackpot! Our company, rooted deeply within your community, isn't just nearby; we're a cornerstone of local support and expertise. Our firm grasp on the area's specific electrical needs and challenges makes us the go-to choice for all your electrical construction requirements. This local advantage is a big part of why we stand out as the premier electrical construction provider right here in your community.

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As a company rooted in Plymouth, MN, our knowledge of the local electrical needs and nuances is unmatched.

This local expertise allows us to design electrical systems that are perfectly tailored for homes and businesses in Plymouth, MN and its surrounding areas, covering up to a 50-mile radius.

Our proficiency in crafting electrical solutions that meet the specific requirements of our region is second to none, establishing us as the leading choice for electrical construction services in the area.

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Craftsmanship in electrical construction isn't just about having the right tools or knowledge – it's about having a heart full of passion.

That's exactly what our team brings to the table. Overflowing with dedication to excellence, we tackle every project, big or small, ensuring that your electrical needs are met with unmatched precision, care, and quality.

This unwavering commitment to being the best is what distinguishes us, making us the go-to team for anyone in search of the "best electrical construction service near me."

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Creating electrifying solutions requires nothing but the best in class materials.

At our electrical construction firm, we live by this ethos and have forged strong alliances with top-tier suppliers, ensuring every electrical installation we bring to life sparkles with the highest quality components in the field. Our commitment means that from the smallest wire to the most complex systems, everything we touch is designed to light up your world with excellence and reliability.

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Pricing Model:

Trust is the cornerstone of our field, and we're electrifying the game with our transparent pricing model! When you receive an estimate from us, you can light up with joy knowing there are absolutely no hidden charges or unexpected surprises waiting in the wings.

Our unwavering dedication to clarity and integrity powers our status as the premier electrical construction firm in Plymouth, MN. We're here to illuminate your project with honesty and expertise, every step of the way!

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We do so much more than merely install electrical systems; we spark enduring partnerships! Once your electrical setup is powered and functional, our journey with you is far from over. Through devoted post-installation support and regular maintenance services, we illuminate our lasting commitment to our craftsmanship and to you, our valued clients.

This unwavering dedication shines brightly, positioning us as the premier choice for those searching for "electrical construction services near me" in Plymouth, MN and the surrounding areas.

What Are Electrical Services?

Electrical Services are the vibrant heart of modern construction and renovation, infusing our homes, businesses, and communities with the vital spark of electrical services. It's a world where creativity meets utility, covering everything from the imaginative design and installation of electrical systems in brand new buildings to the careful maintenance and repair of our beloved existing structures.

Electrical contractors collaborate heartily with clients, architects, and engineers, weaving together custom solutions that sparkle with possibility for residential, commercial, or industrial adventures. Their domain is vast, ranging from swift, simple fixes to grand, intricate installations that transform spaces.

Picking the perfect electrical contractor is like choosing a trusted companion for your adventure; their expertise is key not just for the journey's success but also for ensuring the path is safe and regulations are honored. A trustworthy electrical contractor is a beacon of reliability, quality, and tranquility, guaranteeing that your electrical systems dance smoothly and securely. As we navigate through an ever-more electrified world, their role grows ever more critical, keeping us all connected and energized with a touch of joy and a whole lot of skill.

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How It Works


Your electrical system serves as the vital heartbeat of your home, illuminating your environment and keeping you connected to what matters.

Dive into the world of LED lighting retrofitting with us; we're here to shine a light on the optimal solutions that align with your unique needs.

When you've selected the perfect lighting option, electrified by its potential, our team will take over, ensuring a smooth and joyful installation process.

At Focus Electrical Contractor, our expertise extends far beyond basic wiring and switch setups.

We specialize in transforming your space with LED lighting retrofitting, offering smart home integration and energy-efficient advancements.

Our skilled professionals are ready to energize your project, from the initial concept's glow to the satisfying activation of your upgraded lighting system.

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What Sets Us Apart

Focus Electrical Contractors takes immense pride in being the go-to solution for our clients' electrical construction needs. Whether it's new installations, expansions, or modernizations, we ensure excellence in every project we handle.

At Focus Electrical Contractors, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that our success hinges on the happiness and trust of our clients, which is why we go the extra mile to exceed expectations with our electrical services and support.

Our technicians are not just skilled; they're certified experts in the electrical field, ensuring your electrical systems are installed flawlessly. We're proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our status as licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.

We leverage only the highest quality electrical components and technology in the industry. With Focus Electrical Contractors, you can rest assured that your electrical systems will receive the utmost care and expertise.

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Costs of Electrical Services in Plymouth, MN

Factors Influencing Electrical Construction Costs

Size and


The larger and more complex your electrical project, the brighter the adventure that awaits! An expansive and intricate electrical network opens up a world of possibilities, calling for an abundance of resources and expertise. Envision your space coming alive with an elaborate dance of wiring, a symphony of outlets, and the cutting-edge magic of smart technology—all working in harmony to energize your environment in the most delightful way.



Electrifying your space goes beyond just flicking a switch; it involves choosing the right elements that power up your world with style, efficiency, and durability.

Just like picking the perfect outfit for an occasion, selecting the right electrical materials can make a significant difference in both the performance and the appeal of your electrical system.



Different electrical materials and components come with a wide range of costs. Popular choices include copper and aluminum wiring, various types of circuit breakers, LED lighting, and smart home devices.

Each option offers its own balance of price, reliability, and energy efficiency, allowing for customization according to specific project needs and aesthetic preferences.



Occasionally, during an electrical construction job, we might uncover hidden challenges such as outdated wiring or the need for panel upgrades.

These discoveries, while adding a bit of excitement to the project, may also adjust the overall cost. Yet, think of it as an opportunity to enhance your space’s safety and efficiency, illuminating your world with even brighter, more reliable power!

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Electrical Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Services

Q: What services do electrical contractors offer?

Electrical contractors provide a wide range of services, including installation of new electrical systems, maintenance and repair of existing systems, upgrading electrical panels, installing smart home technology, energy-saving solutions, and ensuring safety and compliance with electrical codes.

Q: How long does an electrical installation project typically take?

The duration of an electrical installation project can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Simple installations might take a few hours, while more comprehensive projects, like wiring a new home or upgrading a commercial building's electrical system, can take several days to weeks.

Q: Can you fix electrical issues without shutting down my entire power supply?

Often, yes. Experienced electrical contractors can usually isolate the problem area and work on it without shutting down your entire power supply. However, for certain types of repairs or upgrades, a temporary shutdown may be necessary for safety reasons.

Q: What is the average cost of hiring an electrical contractor?

The cost of hiring an electrical contractor depends on the nature of the job, the materials needed, and the labor involved. Simple repairs might start from a few hundred dollars, whereas more extensive installations or upgrades can cost several thousand dollars. It's best to get a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

Q: What kind of maintenance do electrical systems require?

Regular maintenance of your electrical system can include inspections to ensure everything is functioning correctly and safely, testing of electrical outlets and panels, and cleaning or replacing components like circuit breakers as needed. It's recommended to have a professional electrical contractor perform an annual inspection of your system to avoid potential hazards and ensure efficiency.

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